Friday, 27 February 2009

Getting Businesses on board!

A new Pudsey Business forum has been formed and as one of our members has a business in Pudsey, we are hoping to be able to spread the word about Pudsey In Bloom and encourage the businesses to come on board. Already people are showing an interest in putting up displays and helping to display our posters. This will be a great boost to Pudsey`s entry in the Yorkshire In Bloom competition, as one area that judges always comment on is how many businesses give their support to their local In Bloom initiatives.
The Total garage on Lowtown have already said they are interested in improving the land around the garage, and we have dug up a small area and planted it up. It`s hard work as sometimes the ground is very hard, but well worth the effort! This is one of the areas that the judges said we should work on.

Spring is springing!

Despite the ongoing roadworks in Pudsey, spring is certainly on its way! The barrier troughs bring a welcome splash of colour at this time of year. Bulbs are also emerging in the grassy areas which the group planted last November.

We have been busy doing our "spring cleaning", tidying up the troughs and flower beds after the winter. How lovely it is to see the flowers again!