Saturday, 24 August 2013

France In Bloom.

On a recent visit to Northern France, I took these photos of flower displays in some of their small towns, very pretty!

French version of Maureen`s coffins!
French version of Pudsey Town Hall!

Judge for yourself!

I took these pictures last weekend as the flower troughs on the railings in the town centre have been quite spectacular this summer, but what a shame we have had to remove a number of these due to highways insistence that they are a hazard to pedestrians, they have been relocated to other areas of the town centre, but leaves this area looking very bare and unattractive don`t you think?


I am sure Pudsey folk would prefer to see this!

We have made a start!

We are happy to report that we have been successful with our application for Green Leeds Funding,this has allowed us to start work on developing a small garden in the Leisure centre car park:

Many thanks to Jean and Maureen for taking the time to submit the application, and to Lynda who has prepared a design for the garden, and to all others who have helped to get the project underway.

Already the area we are working on is showing signs of improvement, it may not look much at the moment but lots of hard work has gone into starting to clear the area. I will keep the blog updated with photos and dates just in case anyone out there is able to lend a hand :-)