Sunday, 7 November 2010

At long last...a new home for the tripe baths

We are very pleased to report that after being in storage for many months, and with great thanks to Farmac, the tripe baths were safely transported to their new home in the Lowtown garden very early on the morning of November 6th.
It was quite a military operation, but with many hands on deck things went like clockwork.
Just after 8am, the truck arrived from Farmac carrying its precious load.

Then they were lifted off on the hoist and transported on wheels up the path:

It took four strong men to move them into position and a bag of rubble was emptied into each one to add even more weight and help reduce the amount of compost needed to fill them.
Now all that needed doing was a bit of planting, I`ve heard of `crock in the pot` but this was on a rather large scale!

And finally here`s what they look like planted up, perhaps not the prettiest of planting troughs but they certainly are historical and have had an amazing journey, this should now be their home for a very long time to come. The Civic Society have also played a large part in this adventure and are funding some plaques that we will postion near the baths to tell folk all about them, have a look next time you visit the garden, oh and many thanks to `Lightbite` who kindly made us a cup of coffee!