Thursday, 13 June 2013

Remember the Daffodils from GroundWork?

If you remember, or you can refresh your memory by looking back at earlier posts, we were busy last Autumn planting out lots of daffodil bulbs donated to the group by Groundwork. We planted two varieties of tete a tete and some pseudo narcissi bulbs, and we are pleased to say that these made a show, all be it a small one, this spring. But at least they survived enough to take a hold and hopefully will go from strength to strength!

And here they are making their first appearance.

Taken last year, the group busy planting.


What a shame that..........

. ..we missed out on our spring judging! We believe that this year was our best ever spring display, with a lovely variety of plants, shrubs and bulbs at their best. In past years we have always picked up our extra points in summer, but this year we feel the YIB judges would definitely have been impressed with Pudsey`s spring displays. All we can do is try impress them with a collection of photos and hope they get the picture across, I`m sure you will agree Pudsey looked super.

Sparrow Park is blooming lovely!

The tulips planted in Sparrow Park by one of our members have really put on a good show, adding plenty of colour to the central bed. In fact the whole area is looking great and it`s good to see people sitting there enjoying it in the recent sunny weather.