Sunday, 11 January 2009

Grants the group have received.

We received £300 from the Borough of Pudsey Charity in November `08 and we plan to put this money towards plants for the beds in the library square just as soon as the newly rebuilt beds are filled up with soil.

On the 12th December `08 two of our members attended an award ceremony at St. George`s crypt in Leeds, as we had been shortlisted to receive a grant from the YEP Community cash Giveaway, the awards were announced by Hilary Benn and we were thrilled to hear that Pudsey In Bloom had been given £900! We plan to spend this on an automated watering kit for the Pudsey Town hall, which will greatly reduce our annual watering bills, and also to replace some of the dilapidated benching near the permanent planting areas we have been working on.

We have also found out that Pudsey In Bloom have made the shortlist in the Community and City Pride Awards for the seating area we planted up on Lowtown, we will know the result of this after the award ceremony that takes place on 30th January at the Leeds Civic Hall, so fingers crossed we will be successful!

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  1. It seems awfully unfair just to spend it all on the town hall?