Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Some areas we would like to improve!

Our walk around Pudsey yesterday helped us to identify some small areas of land that really are looking neglected. Once we have the necessary permission to begin work on them, we will start making these look much more attractive!

Most of these areas have either been used as public thoroughfares, with people trampling over the grass and plants, others have just been neglected over the years with shrubs left unpruned.

And there are areas in the car park where attempts had been made to plant trees but unfortunately these have been vandalised, and are now just driven over!

We hope that by the end of the year Pudsey folk will begin to see a definite improvement.


  1. It may not cheer you up, but it is good to see that it's not just in Beeston that we seem to be paddling uphill sometimes.
    You don't seem to have posted for a while - hope everything is going Ok.

  2. Thanks, Judith, just picked up on your comment, we are beginning to see improvements in the car park now, and have been doing some replanting. But people still continue to walk over the plants! Hope your judging went well!