Monday, 17 May 2010

Flower beds in the car park rejuvenated!

Remember back in February, the group were keen to do something to revamp the flower beds in the leisure centre car park? Well we are pleased to say that thanks to a grant we were given from YEP `cash in the community` this project is now underway and already looking much better. Some areas have had cobbles laid down, this seemed the best solution as the trees that were there originally had been vandalised and cars were constantly driving over the soil, now with the cobbles it is much more practical and looks better.

This took a lot of hard work, as the ground had become very compacted after a long period of neglect, and it took an awful lot of digging to try and make the soil workable! We have planted some berberis thunbergii (Atropurpurea), ceanothus, broom (cytisus), some pink geranium, grasses, some tall veronicastrum and cornflowers (centaurea). These will take a while to establish, but already people are commenting on how much better the area looks.

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