Thursday, 24 September 2009

Some updates as promised!

Whilst I have time, here are couple of updates I have been meaning to post from our summer activities:
Firstly, after awarding The Fleece Inn at Fartown as the winner of the "Pudsey Pubs In Bloom 2009 competition", the group were pleased to present the landlord with a winners trophy, this will be presented to the winner in each subsequent year, and very attractive it is too!

And also, remember the old benches that we replaced this year in our Lowtown seating area with the money we got from the the YPN community awards grants?.... well who would think that this was one of those benches? One of our members has revamped the old bench and we have now re-sited it on land near to Pudsey Parish Church, it looks like new!

More news later...................

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